Journal Club


FRIDAYS @ NOON in the Neuroscience Library: Lunch sponsored by the CNIR!

The purpose of this journal club is to critically discuss the current literature relevant to CNIR and to gain experience with oral presentation of data and comments in a mixed forum not unlike that at scientific meetings. All NIP trainees are REQUIRED to attend.

Papers are disseminated the week prior to the presentation to all interested researchers. Once a semester an ethics discussion will occur instead of a scientific paper. The purpose of the ethics component is to demonstrate the consequences of unethical scientific behavior on the research community and on the public perception of science.


September 9 - Carrie Leonard (Trainee). Loss and Gain of MeCP2 Cause Similar Hippocampal Circuit Dysfunction that is Rescued by Deep Brain Stimulation in a Rett Syndrome Mouse Model. Lu et al., 2016, Neuron 91, 739-747.

September 16 - Ted Turesky (Trainee). Injury alters intrinsic funcitonal connectivity within the primate spinal cord. Chen et al., 2015, PNAS 112:5991-5996.

September 23 - Lorenzo Bozzelli (New 2016-2017 Trainee). Zika virus disrupts neural progenitor development and leads to microcephaly in mice. Li et al., 2016, Cell Stem Cell 19, 120-126 and Zika virus infects neural progenitors in the adult mouse brain and alters proliferation. Li et al., 2016, Cell Stem Cell 19, 1-8.

September 30- Adam Caccavano (IPN student). Amyloid precursor protein protects neuronal network function after hypoxia via control of voltage-gated calcium channels., Hefter et al., 2016, J Neuroscience, 36(32):8356-8371.

October 7- Kaela Singleton (New 2016-2017 Trainee). Neural activity promotes long-distance, target-specific regeneration of adult retnal axons. Lim et al., 2016, Nature Neuroscience, 19(8):1073-1084.

October 14 - No journal club due to IPN retreat

October 21 - Brittany Aguilar (Trainee). Pharmacogenetic reactivation of the original engram evokes an extinguished fear memory. Yoshii et al., 2017, Neuropharmacolgy, 113 (2107):1-9.

October 28 -Erin Wenzel (New 2016-2017 Trainee). Visualizing APP and BACE-1 approximation in neurons yields insight into the amyloidogenic pathway. Das et al., 2016, Nature Neuroscience, 19:55-64.

November 4 - Alberto Sepulveda-Rodriguez (IPN Student). Diminished KCC2 confounds synapse specificity of LTP during senescence. Ferando et al., 2016, Nature Neuroscience,  19:1197-1200.

November 11 - canceled due to SFN meeting.

November 18 - Lanier Heyburn (Trainee). Neural stem cell transplantation induce stroke recovery by upregulating glutamate transporter GLT-1 in astrocytes. Bacigaluppi et al., 2016, J Neuroscience, 36(41):10529-10544.

November 25 - Canceled - Happy Thanksgiving!

December 2 - Erin Wenzel (New Trainee). Ethics discussion with a focus on the use of animal-human chimeras in research. Please see the links below to read more about this topic:;;

December 9 - Bill Rebeck (Professor, Department of Neuroscience). The Effects of Peripheral and Central High Insulin on Brain Insulin Signaling and Amyloid- in Young and Old APP/PS1 Mice. Stanley et al., 2016, J Neuroscience, 36(46):11704-11715.

December 16 - Tom Coate (Assistant Professor, Department of Biology). Effects of Long-Term Exercise on Age-Related Hearing Loss in Mice. Han et al., 2016, J Neuroscience, 36(44):11308-11319.

December 23 - Canceled - Happy Holidays!

Spring 2017 Presentations

February 3 - Lorenzo Bozzelli (Trainee). Disease progression-dependent effects of TREM2 deficiency in a mouse model of Alzheimer's Disease. Jay et al., 2017, J Neuroscience, 18:37(3):637-647.

February 10 - Ted Turesky (Trainee). Studying brain circuit function with dynamic causal modeling for optogenetic fMRI. Bernal-Casas et al., 2017, Neuron, 93(3):522-532.e2.

February 17 - Kaela Singleton (Trainee). TNFa differentially regulates syanptic plasticity in the hippocampus and spinal cord by microglia-dependent mechanisms after peripheral nerve injury. Liu et al., 2017, J Neuroscience, 18:37(4):871-881.

February 24 - Brittany Aguilar (Trainee). A delay between motor cortex lesions and neuronal transplantation enhances graft integration and improves repair and recovery. Peron et al., 2017, J Neuroscience, 18:37(7):1820-1834.

March 3 - Homero Cantu (IPN student). Huntingtin-mediated multipolar-bipolar transition of newborn cortical neurons is critical for their postnatal neuronal morphology. Barnat et al., 2017, Neuron, 93(1):99-114.

March 10 - Mondona McCann (IPN student). IL1b impairs retrograde flow of BDNF signaling by attenuating endosome trafficking. Carlos et al., 2017, J Neuroinflammation, 14:29.

March 17 - Stephanie Sloley (IPN student). GABAergic regulation of cerebellar NG2 cell development is altered in perinatal white matter injury. Zonouzi et al., 2015 Nature Neuroscience, 18(5):674-682.

March 24 - Adam Caccavano (IPN student). Gamma frequency entrainment attenuates amyloid load and modifies microglia. Iaccarino et al., 2016 Nature, 540:230-235.

March 31 - Lanier Heyburn (Trainee). Regulation of synaptic amyloid-B generation through BACE1 retrograde transport in a mouse model of Alzheimer's disease. Ye et al., 2017 J Neuroscience, 37(10):2639-2655.

April 7 - Brent Harris (Faculty). Vascular cell senescence contributes to blood-brain barrier breakdown. Yamazaki et al., 2016 Stroke, 47(4): 1068-77.

April 14 - no Journal Club

April 21 - Erin Wenzel (Trainee). Truncated TrkB.T1-mediated astrocyte dysfunction contributes to impaired motor function and neuropathic pain after spinal cord injury. Matyas et al., 2017, J Neuroscience, 37(14):3956-3971.

April 28 -  Kaela Singleton and Lorenzo Bozzelli (Trainees). Discussion of recent changes to NIH animal policy and how to effectively communicate animal research to the public. Several papers will be discussed and see


May 5 - Alberto Sepulveda-Rodriguez (IPN student). Identification of spinal circuits involved in touch-evoked dynamic mechanical pain. Cheng et al., 2017, Nature Neurosci, Advance online publication.

May 12 - Kathy Maguire-Zeiss (Faculty). Toll-like receptor 2 is increased in neurons in Parkinson's disease brain and may contribute to alpha-synuclein pathology. Dzamko et al., 2017, Acta Neuropathol, 133(2): 303–319.