Journal Club

Fridays at Noon in the Neuroscience Library

The purpose of this journal club is to critically discuss the current literature relevant to CNIR and to gain experience with an oral presentation of data and comments in a mixed forum not unlike that at scientific meetings. All NIP trainees are required to attend. Mentors are encouraged to join trainees!

Papers are disseminated the week prior to the presentation to all interested researchers. Once a semester an ethics discussion will occur instead of a scientific paper. The purpose of the ethics component is to demonstrate the consequences of unethical scientific behavior on the research community and on the public perception of science.

Spring 2022 Presentations

January 21
MHRI-GHUCCTS: Power Analysis and Sample Size Estimation Seminar

January 28
Phil Gross (NIP trainee): Insular cortex neurons encode and retrieve specific immune responses. Koren et al., 2021, Cell 184; 24: 5902-5915

February 4
Dan Chapman (NIP trainee): Partial recovery of visual function in a blind patient after optogenetic therapy. Sahel et al., 2021, Nature Medicine 27:1223-1229.

February 11
Tahi Khan (NIP trainee): Social isolation-related depression accelerates ethanol intake via microglia-derived neuroinflammation. Lee et al., Science Advances, 2021 eabj3400 (2021).

February 18
Zac Colon (IPN student): Microglia-specific overexpression of alpha-synuclein leads to severe dopaminergic neurodegeneration by phagocytic exhaustion and oxidative toxicity. Bido et al., 2021, Nature Communications 12, 6237.

February 25
Max Stevenson (NIP trainee): Persistent seizure control in epileptic mice transplanted with GABA progenitors. Casalia et al., 2017, Ann Neurol, 82:4:530-542.

March 4
Michel Fallah (IPN student): Disruption of mitochondrial complex I induces progressive parkinsonism. Gonzalez-Rodriguez et al., 2021, Nature, 599:650-656.

March 19
Mateo Nelson (IPN student): Macrophages transfer mitochondria to sensory neurons to resolve inflammatory pain. van der Vlist et al., 2022, Neuron, 110:613-626.e9.

March 25
Danna Cunningham (IPN student): Anti-LINGO-1 antibody treatment alleviates cognitive deficits and promotes maturation of oligodendrocytes in the hippocampus of APP/PS1 mice. Yang et al., 2022, J Comp Neurol

April 1
Karli Gilbert (IPN student). Vascular and blood-brain barrier-related changes underlie stress responses and resilience in female mice and depression in human tissue. Dion-Albert et al., 2022, Nature Communications 13:164.

April 8
Mark Mattson: “Mechanisms by which intermittent fasting enhances resilience” Invited speaker seminar series.

April 22
Neke Nsor (NIP trainee): Longitudinal changes in hippocampal network connectivity in Alzheimer’s disease. Dautricourt et al., 2021, Annals of Neurology